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Lindley, Powell & Rumph is a professional association of trial attorneys that bring together over seventy five years of successful litigation experience. Its members, Malcolm G. Lindley, Samuel C. Rumph, III, and Jeffrey A. Childers are seasoned veterans at dealing with the increasingly complex relationship between clients, doctors, and deceptive insurance practices. Some large volume personal injury law firms seldom, if ever, go to court, and that affects the bottom line for their clients.  We are proficient and effective at all stages of litigation including settlement, mediation, trials and necessary appeals.  Because of our strategy, we have achieved large six and seven figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of our clients.  We take on these burdens so that you can focus on putting your life back together with the peace of mind knowing your legal claim is being aggressively pursued.

Results Driven Lawyers

So what makes us different? Our philosophy in handling your case from the beginning to the end is different. Combined, the practice has over 29 years of experience in the areas of Ocean Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering and has significant experience in the field of Information Technology.  We also have a strong military background. No other Georgia personal injury law firm offers you this kind of experience or background.  This provides a uniquely analytical perspective to your case. 

At Lindley, Powell and Rumph, you will always work directly with an attorney. Skilled trial attorneys, not case managers or administrative staff, work closely with you to develop your case and to pursue the solution that best meets your needs.  From the moment we are hired, we begin gathering critical evidence from the scene, witnesses, and medical providers so that we can accurately and effectively portray the life altering event you've encountered.  Your case is prepared for trial from day one in case a jury trial is necessary to protect your rights.  We also have a nurse on staff to assist with complex medical issues.  Being prepared for and willing to go to trial is the only leverage you have against insurance companies and our recoveries are larger as a result. This thorough preparedness ensures you receive maximum compensation, because one call is not all there is to successfully advancing your interests.

At many large personal injury firms, tremendous pressure is placed on staff members to settle cases quickly, frequently at discounted prices, because they have to support a large advertising budget. This means their clients get a smaller settlement. At Lindley, Powell, and Rumph, our clients come to us from other attorneys and from the referrals of satisfied clients; clients that are happy with the compensation we obtained for them on their claim and who knew their rights were fully protected and advanced.

Visit our practice areas pages for more information on the specific types of cases we handle. We offer free initial consultations and can make arrangements to meet you or your loved one in your home, in the hospital, or wherever your injuries or disabilities require.